We are a family of beekeepers. Our business has grown from one man’s hobby into a lifetime love of bees and the bush for all the Whitehead family.

All family members are involved in the different aspects of the business whether we are rearing queen bees, harvesting honey, producing beeswax candles or mead. On market days it’s all hands on deck and the Grandchildren often get involved too.

Rodney Whitehead began what he calls a life long apprenticeship in 1972 as a 22 year old. His teachers are his bees and the classroom is under the canopy of a gumtree. An abundance of native flora keeps our bees healthy. Knowing when and where to access good flora ensures our bees maintain the best possible condition.

In Winter we let the bees rest in a sunny spot, out of the wind, left with their Autumn honey to see them through the Winter.  The reward for looking after our bees is the great honey they produce and it is Victoria’s North East bushland that holds the key to Walkabout Apiaries success.

Our bees produce honey from the tall flowering eucalypts of the High Country down to the mighty Red Gums of the Ovens, King & Murray Rivers. Understanding bee behaviour, health & nutrition is the first step to being a good beekeeper. It’s when you get all that right that you get the satisfaction of hearing the hum of 50,000 bees working together as they collect, share and store their sweet smelling nectar.

Our honey is cold extracted and packed by hand. Care is taken at each step to ensure our honey remains true to its origins. Our honey is not blended; only spun from the comb, settled, strained once then bottled. Each honey variety presents its own unique taste from the sweet Ironbark to the robust Mountain Harvest. Honey is never just honey, so try a couple and find your favourite.

Walkabout Apiaries Honey Shed is temporarily closed but you can continue to purchase our honey and mead range online and have them delivered to your door Australia wide.  Also available at local stores like Milawa Cheese, John Gehrig Wines in Oxley and Milawa Providore.

We’ve got our amazing local honey, beeswax candles, honey pear & ginger cordial & Whitehead’s Mead.

1531 Snow Road, Milawa, VIC, 3678

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