Weather in the Alpine region of Australia is often unpredictable and can bring snow at any time of year.  While forecasts are fairly accurate nowadays, it is advisable to pack for all weather conditions when travelling in the Alps. 

The air in the Alps is mostly free of pollution, which on a clear day makes for stunning views.  The temperatures are almost always cooler at higher altitudes than the surrounding valleys, making the Alps an attractive escape during hot weather.  Alpine Areas are those above 1200 metres altitude and are generally about 10 degrees cooler than the valleys below.

Sunrises and sunsets can be more spectacular in the Alps than any other region due to the changing colours as the light moves in and out of the valleys, as the sunlight transforms the peaks and landscapes almost by the minute and any clouds become dramatically illuminated. 

One particular sunset that will be remembered by many in the High Country around Bright and the surrounding Alps, in North East Victoria, was on 14 December 2016.  We were lucky enough to experience it and capture its glory and have displayed it here, as we do with all our own images, unedited.

For Alpine Weather forecasts follow this link.