Unleashing hand crafted small batch beers

Black Dog Brewery was launched in 2011.  We are a craft brewery located at Taminick Cellars Winery just outside Glenrowan and Wangaratta, North East Victoria.  Our beers are hand crafted from premium malted barley, hops and yeast strains with pure Warby Range water.  Hand crafted, small batch brews made using traditional techniques and no preservatives, ensures each beer is of the highest quality, the way beers are meant to be.

James Booth is the brewer for Black Dog and also the winemaker for Taminick Cellars.  He is the fourth generation of Booth winemakers that have owned and operated Taminick Cellars since 1904.

The black dog our brewery is named after is Macca, our beloved companion and a friend to all who visited the brewery. He’s no longer with us but is now an ongoing part of our brand. We have a wide range of hand crafted brews available, including:

  • Drifter Lager
  • Howling Pale Ale
  • Aussie Terrier
  • Farm Dog Saison
  • Junk Yard Dog Double IPA

Our Brewery Bar is open Saturday and Sunday 12 – 5pm. We are also open for package beer sales Monday, Thursday and Friday 11am – 5pm.

339 Booth Rd, Taminick, Vic, 3675

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03 5766 2282