I live the life of a bohemian.  My home is filled with art, heirlooms and keepsakes.  I am an artist, a collector, an upcycler and story teller.  It has been a dream that I manifested into reality to be able to share my passion through a shop that is intended to nourish a sense of intimacy and boho comfort for all those who want to be part of the Ochre Earth tribe.  

What can you expect to find as you walk through the doors?  Paintings of Muses, Angels, Goddesses, that which honours the divine feminine.  Unique Dream Catchers made from found objects gifted by Mother Nature.  Handmade jewelry, upcycled pieces and a range of new clothing that promotes both style and comfort.

But Ochre Earth is more than just a shop.  It’s a place for women to gather in circle.  In the heart of every woman there is a longing to sit with her sisters and share with deep vulnerability her truth.  Red thread circles, drumming, macrame classes and what I call my life purpose, Intentional Creativity.  I am certified as an international creativity teacher through Color of Woman founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.  With paints and brushes as your tools, you reach within the depths of your soul to express your inquiry, your story, your heart through an empowering process of soul talk on a canvas that becomes a meaningful piece of art.  I share this with the broken and unbroken, a tribe of beloveds who can find joy through art as I have.

Located on a little Main Street in the High Country of Victoria between a lake and the mountains, my name is Suzy and I am the passionate owner of Ochre Earth.  

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 10am – 4pm

Sat & Sun: 10am – 2pm

50 High St, Mansfield, Vic, 3722

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03 5779 1632