The Mystic Mountain Bike Park located in Bright, Victoria, has become one of the most popular mountain biking destinations in Australia. It was built by the local community and consists of about 70km of trails to suit all abilities from those new to the sport, through to expert riders. 

As it is on private land, membership is required to be able to ride, walk or run within the park.  There are numerous other mountain bike trails nearby that are free.  Find out more about the free trails here

The park has held the National Championships and includes the World Cup Downhill and Mystic Downhill Trails, that start at the Mystic Paragliding Launch Pad at over 700m altitude.  It also features The Hero Trail, that is considered by some to be the most unique and exciting in Australia. The Hero Trail is over 3 kms of downhill jumps, man-made timber features (rollers, a tabletop and a wall ride) and banked corners (“berms”) that flow all the way to the bottom of the trail. As you descend this trail, a rider can choose intermediate or advanced features, depending on their experience or confidence.

There are many choices of trails catering to all abilities at Mystic Mountain Bike Park with the easiest trail and some intermediate trails found on the South-Eastern end of Pioneer Park on Coronation Avenue. The majority of trails are found at the top end of Mystic Lane, off Coronation Avenue, in the pine plantation and include many intermediate trails and a variety of advanced/expert trails.

Follow this link to the interactive trail map.