I photograph weddings because I enjoy capturing the emotions surrounding a wedding. The getting ready nerves, pride in the parents, the looks of love between bride and groom, the occasional wiping of a tear, the gentleman groom putting out his hand to help his new wife up a stair or over some rough ground. Its just beautiful and being able to capture these moments is a privilege. I have a candid documentary style of photography.

As a wedding photographer I see my role as being there to capture moments as they happen rather than to make moments for the camera. I take a mixture of candid photos as well as more formal posed shots. Some couples want the formal posed shots and others don’t. What ever it is you want, I am there to work with you to create the images you desire.

I try and photograph all the details of a wedding, the small things that the bride has spent time organising like the table arrangements and decorations, the flowers, the colour of her shoes, the lace or beadwork on her dress. I enjoy being able to tell the story of a wedding through my images and to illustrate the relationships between people. It’s one day but it’s a day the bride and groom will remember forever. I strive to create beautiful images that couples will look at years down the track and be reminded of the beautiful moments they shared and the emotions from that day.

I photograph weddings throughout the Snowy Mountains and Monaro Region and look forward to hearing from you to discuss your special day.

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