JimJam foods was started approximately 20 years ago on a dare. Steven was offered a taste of a new “fantastic: raspberry jam” and his comment was “I could do better” To which the chorus reply was “Why don’t you.”

Not one to ignore a challenge off he went to market, bought the raspberries, purchased some jars and made 12 jars of raspberry jam. A graphic designer by profession, Steven decided to create his own labels. After looking at other labels on the shelves he found most were gingham caps tied with string and very bland designs.

Hence the creation of the now iconic coloured label which reflects the colour of the product in the jars.  Copied by other manufacturers around the world.

The 12 jars were taken to a local cafe who sold them all in 2 days and begged for more.

Since those first 12 jars of raspberry jam, JimJam foods has expanded to producing 38 products (many of which are also in food service buckets) going around Australia to boutique supermarkets, speciality food stores, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

Our first order to a new food store in Dubai went on its way in February.

After building a packing shed from trees felled on the farm, Steven decided one section of the shed could become a farm gate shop as a means of introducing our products to locals and tourists. It is also a great place for our customers to see all the products

Thanks to support from local business we have people from all over Australia and the world come to visit, taste, hear the JimJam story and purchase for themselves or as gifts.

It is a great place for Probis groups, Aged Care networks and independent groups to visit as they have an informative chat, taste our wares, pop their noses in the factory and have morning or afternoon tea under the walnut tree in the back garden. 

Real People Making Great Food

89 Circular Creek Rd, Stanley, Vic, 3747

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