Hotham Central Supermarket is a locally owned business that has been operating at Mt Hotham for more than 15 years. 

Shop online for delivery to your accommodation.  Less to pack means less to unpack in the snow and carry to your apartment, and more time to relax and enjoy the snow.  

When you shop online with us, we will deliver all your groceries in time for your arrival.  Once on the mountain, you can find us in Hotham Central Building (White Crystal).

Shopping this way will help you save time and money – instead of bringing unnecessary items that you may not use; you can buy them on the mountain.

Hotham Central Supermarket is proud to offer a convenient holiday service for Mountain visitors, providing a large range of fresh and competitively priced groceries and goods.

Hotham Central Supermarket is environmentally committed, working with the resort to eliminate waste appropriately and recycle.

Open 7 Days – June to September 

Hotham Central Building

Complete this contact form for any enquiries

03 5759 3243