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The High Country offers wonderful experiences and entertainment for all ages and Kids are treated with endless options for fun and adventure! High Country Kids can join the many Kids programs in the Alpine Resorts and National Park Ranger activities. They can enjoy gold panning, horse riding, fishing in trout farms or mountain streams and lakes, snow sports/snow play, bike riding, easy bushwalks for families and exploring our hedge mazes.

Prospecting for gold and gemstones is a fun activity that is generally done with gold pans or metal detectors.  These days, over 160 years since gold was first discovered in many parts of the High Country, prospecting can still bring exciting rewards.  A permit called a Miner’s Right, is required for adults and costs less than a few dollars a year.  Children under 18 don’t need a Miner’s Right if they are accompanied by an adult holding a Miner’s Right.  Further information can be found here.