Capital Bowen Therapy, run by trusted practitioner Heather Whitehouse can work with you to return your body to good health. Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy using specific moves designed to release the fascia, muscle tendons and nerves to open the body’s communication systems and facilitate the ability to recover and repair on all levels.

Heather has a deep passion for health and significant results are often achieved for patients who experience nerve pain, strokes, are undergoing cancer treatment, short and long term injuries and also include preparation for pre and post-surgery care.

The fascia is connective tissue associated with rapid intercommunication that enables our body’s to function effectively as a whole. Gently challenging the fascia and using moves around the origin, insertion or belly of the muscle where the Golgi cells receptors are located alert the nervous system about the state of this tissue. By challenging and stimulating the relevant muscles, and areas of the body, the pain muscle spasm loop can be broken. This break is due to the transformation of stimulus being received by your nervous system and can affect the body in deeper and more subtle ways.

Bowen effectively moves the body from the fight, flight and freeze state to the rest, recuperation and recovery phase. Specific techniques are utilised to also assist with a whole variety of ill-health including hormonal changes affecting both males and females from babies through to menopause, and autoimmune issues to name some.

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