Adelong & District Community Bank® Branch of Bendigo Bank, Gundagai Branch & Tumut Agency

You may not think who you bank with matters, but it does, and for our customers banking with Bendigo is making a real difference.

With two Branches and an Agency in the district we are providing quality personalised banking as well as supporting our communities through funding and support. To date $800 000plus has been returned to the communities of Adelong, Tumut and Gundagai since Adelong opened in 2004 following with Gundagai and Tumut in 2011.

Every day our customers help change lives simply by banking with us. Their home loans helped build the Adelong Pool and enabled Adelong to keep their Post Office. Personal loans, business banking and credit cards are funding new technology at the local schools, sponsoring sporting teams such as the Adelong Cricket Club, Gundagai and Adelong Rugby League and the Tumut Basketball Stadium to name a few. Even everyday banking has helped Adelong to open and support two thriving business, the Rustic Creations craft shop Information Centre and the Golden Treasure Chest opportunity store.

If you need a bank to give you the products and services you need. We are here to make the difference.

See the change your banking can make.

Adelong Bendigo Bank   62 Tumut Street Adelong NSW 2720   (02) 69462922

Gundagai Bendigo Bank  148 Sheridan Street Gundagai NSW 2722 (02) 69441136  

Tumut Agency   42 Wynyard St, Tumut NSW 2720 (02) 69476777

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Adelong 02 6946 2922

Tumut 02 6944 1136