Asylum Ghost Tours offers ghost tours, history tours and paranormal investigations, and any combination of these experiences, all held at the historic Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum in Beechworth, Victoria, in the midst of eleven hectares of heritage gardens.

Let the experienced guides tell you all the secrets of the place.  All tours below can also be booked as private group tours.

History Tours: While the sun shines, learn all about the historic buildings of the former Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum.

Ghost Tours: After darkness falls, take a tour of the dark and haunted buildings of the former home for the infirm of mind.

Paranormal Investigations: When all is quiet and the dead things open their eyes, take part in a two or three-hour investigation to attempt to find out who or what really does haunt the foreboding asylum.

Photography Tours: Escorted tours through the facility for photographers and film-makers.

Take your time to explore the beautifully-restored gold town of Beechworth and surrounds, and then experience the haunting Beechworth Asylum, one of the last remaining facilities of its kind in the country.

22 Kurrajong Way, within Mayday Hills Village, top of Albert Road, Beechworth, VIC, 3747

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