White-water rapids in the wild rivers of North East Victoria, the Snowy Mountains of NSW and the quieter, mellow rivers closer to Melbourne are where Rafting Australia offer a variety of memorable, world class river adventures. The team at Rafting Australia love sharing their white-water addiction with everyone from couples to school and corporate groups.

Adrenaline junkies return year after year to join Rafting Australia on some of the most exciting river rapids in the world. The Mitta Mitta River Gorge adventure takes you on a 19km descent through 60 rapids, including Grave Yard, Dislocation, S Bend, Waterfall and Gobbler (don’t be put off by the names, Rafting Australia have been doing this for over 40 years and have an impeccable safety record!) During the descent you will pass through towering granite river gorges within the Alpine National Park.

The Upper Murray is another destination Rafting Australia loves taking their Guests to where the rafts plummet between intricate rock formations for 6kms surrounded by the majestic scenery and birdlife of Kosciuszko National Park and the historic Tom Groggin Station. 1 – 2 day adventures are available throughout most of the year, with rafting trips offered on thrilling white-water rapids and easier, calmer streams for those not needing the adrenaline rush!

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