Hello, I’m Kerrie and I started creating sculptures out of polymer clay in the late 1990’s, around the time my husband Matt and I moved to Bright.

The word noofies (pronounced “noof” like a dogs “woof”), is my beautiful mums word. Growing up, we had a little poodle and whenever it was being cute and cuddly, mum would say it was being noofie. So everything that was cute and cuddly became “noofie”. For something as unique as these figurines I had to use my mum’s word.

All our products are either hand sculpted by myself or designed by Matt, making them unique!

Our products are available on our website and include:

  • hand sculpted noofies
  • make and bake kits
  • polymer clay
  • greeting cards
  • colouring in books and colouring pencils

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